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Beyond the Data 6/12/22 - Public records requests

How to get started in Ohio and how to make sure public officials comply with the law

Wondering how to find out and expose the flimsy reasons your child's school district or university is using to institute mandates? Or how to use Ohio’s Sunshine Law in general for any public institution?

Listen to Ben Lipp and Tyce Patt, two college students who have successfully been using public records requests to expose what COVID mandate decision making looks like at their universities. They take us step by step through the process of making public records requests in Ohio along with the many tricks they've learned to get public institutions to comply with the law and successfully dig in deeper.

The more requests people make in their own localities, the more we learn about and can expose the corruption, and be better equipped to stop currently running mandates and prevent the reinstitution of others come the beginning of the new school year.

Links and written tutorials:

Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual

Ohio Court of Claims Public Records Access Formal Complaint Form

Public Records Starter Kit
336KB ∙ PDF file


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