Beyond the Data 8-7-22

Comparing Hospital admissions between Ohio and CDC


Join us as we go through what data is accessible on the CDC's and Ohio Department of Health's websites and how you can show that the CDC's numbers which are driving the recent 'high' alert levels and subsequent reissued mandates across the state are being fully fabricated.

We will go over where to find the data, how to download the data, sort and search the data, as well as where to navigate on the CDC's webpage to compare their numbers to our real numbers on the ground here in Ohio. We will be doing it with Excel on a Mac, a PC, Google Sheets and Open Office because each one works a little bit differently.

Armed with this data, you can then confidently speak to local health officials, employers, schools, friends and neighbors about what is happening locally, and if it makes sense to restart mandates locally. Remember, there are NO top-down mandates currently in effect in Ohio, all decisions about masking and other COVID measures are made by each individual organization. They DO have the power to not impose new mandates. Call them out on it.