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Crowdsourcing whistleblowers?

What say you, Ohioans?

An interesting thought process here from attorney Warner Mendenhall. This is a clip from his and Deb Conrad’s interview with Truth for Health about how VAERS reporting is required by law, and not reporting is fraud against the government. And that is spelled out clearly.

We have quite the integrated network of awake and active citizens in Ohio already, and limited numbers of hospitals. Shall we set up a collection system for exactly the required information and see what we can see? Long Term Care facilities would be other institutions that take federal money (Medicaid and Medicare) that administered shots and did not report to VAERS as required by law.

If we can’t go straight at the problem with insider whistleblowers, how about we do what we do and build it up one person at a time and take it down that way?

Any suggestions for ways of making a simple system are appreciated, drop in the comments here, or on my post on Facebook

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