I’m going to put this here too because we know how things like to disappear......

Kathryn Huwig, if only I was rich , I would be so all over this.

I listened to this as well yesterday and my light bulb 💡 went off too.

Technically, my injury should have been reported by someone at my hospital admission in 2021 I would of thought. I was at a major medical center in Dayton. Playing devils advocate I went through possible answers to who is ultimately responsible for reporting . The hospital (?)or does it come back into the healthcare professionals (like myself) that took care of me?

I can see hospital administrators dumping the blame onto bedside nurses and doctors etc.

Does the liability lie in proven vaccine injury or suspected because I can see a lot of “well we didn’t know for sure” 🙄especially in my scenario. Who exactly can blow this whistle and under what circumstances?

See where I’m going with this momma??

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

I heard about all the gaslighting that was happening with ppl suggesting they had an adverse event after V. My sister was poo pooed by multiple MD’s and now has multiple cysts on her ovaries and will have them removed (she’s in menopause!). He daughter was also gaslit and is having a cardiac ablation soon (21yrs old). If NONE of these physicians can see the correlation we are in BIG trouble - b/c their denial of a pts symptoms will become commonplace and left untreated. It is for this reason that I did not seek medical care from a hospital associated MD after my V. Hospitals are understaffed and current staff are at the brink of breaking. It is truly a sad and horrifying reality we are living in.

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