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PSA: If you leave a hospital AMA (against medical advice) you are NOT going to be forced to pay for your hospital stay. Insurance still covers it.

The FDA just updated the EUAs to allow bivalent boosters in children down to 6 months of age

Crowdsourcing whistleblowers?

According to the CDC, up to 20% of pregnant women in v-safe suffered severe outcomes.

Can they put an EUA product on the childhood immunization schedule?

The ACIP is adding COVID to the childhood immunization schedule

The manipulation of pregnancy outcomes data with the ACIP is pure evil

The CDC really is hiding what they're doing with COVID shots for kids today

The Banality of Evil

Criminal Stupidity

Community levels and Community transmission

The 'funny myth'

Beyond the Data 9/25/22

Since when did the FDA add marketing for pharmaceutical companies to its mission?

Another one bites the dust!

It's not about health or safety, it's about compliance

A tale of two universities

Beyond the Data 8-7-22

New Math

No one can seem to find all of the new hospital admissions that the CDC is counting

The Return of the Mask Mandates

How to access the csv data file and how to do simple sorting.

Where is the CDC getting their data?

Miami University


Looking for children and parents willing to be interviewed

The nonsense of CDC 'guidance'

Ohio is done with COVID hysteria

Facebook and commenting

How countries compare

What about Africa?

Not everyone at the VRBPAC meeting rolled over

Reminder: The FDA knew exactly what could go wrong with these injections


The 'Prototype'

The FDA's VRBPAC is today starting at 8:30 am

The luckiest girl in the world

Beware the insidiousness of the CDC alert levels

How confident was the CDC in its risk/benefit analysis?

How many Ohio infants and toddlers have received the shot

College mandate interview with Steve Kirsch

How to manufacture a COVID ICU bed crisis

5/1/22 Beyond the Data with attorney Warner Mendenhall


Beyond the Data 6/12/22 - Public records requests

Pfizer's numerical gymnastics part 1

Facebook has fully disabled Understanding Ohio COVID Data 2.0


Let's talk about Tuesday's VRBPAC meeting where they recommended authorizing Moderna for children from 6-17 years old.

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